PERSONAL: No Diversions Allowed / Badass Summer Ahead

Ah, Diversionist, how I’ve missed you. Exam season has come and gone, and our time apart is no more! Sure, Finale Season in May will probably cause The Signal to blossom in my affections for four weeks, but you are my home.

If only we had something to talk about…

Diversions haven’t been so high on my priorities list these past few weeks, with a clusterfuck of final assignments and exams alongside the chaos of my impending temporary move up North. That, and a virus flooring my laptop and leaving me sharing computer time with my sister. However, the laptop is back to working shape, so I can blog.

It’s funny: when I am confronted with a thousand tasks before me, my creative work flourishes. When it is a diversion, I can write and write. However, now officially on leave from university and work, I feel as if I’m floating in a vast universe of time that I am in control of, with no deadlines or demands on me. That freedom is anathema to my writing process, which thrives on pressure. So, my next step, having compulsively catalogued my potential projects these past few weeks, is to start deciding on the deadlines that will spur me forward.

For I have a lot to accomplish this summer!

The Signal

  •  The Big C and Weeds return June 27, and I’m planning to finish off my reviews for their previous seasons by that point, then keep up with them on a week to week basis. That’s 7 episodes remaining for each, then 13 in each season proper, for a grand total of 40 reviews. I’ll probably pair up last season’s episodes in 2-3 mini-reviews per post to keep it manageable.
  • I stopped my How I Met Your Mother reviews five short of the season finale, so I want to complete that to close off the season. I may just spend one day burning through them in a row, and see if that effects my appreciation of the episodes.
  • There are four more weeks of Parks and Recreation, and I’ll happily review those every week as they air.
  • I’ve already fallen behind, but I’ll be posting brief reviews for Treme on a weekly basis. That’s 10 reviews remaining for the summer, though I’m working on one for 2.02 to run soon.
  • I like to review the pilots of new shows, including summer programming, so I might write reviews for Love Bites, Franklin & Bash, Switched at Birth, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Falling Skies, The Hot Zone, Great State of Georgia and/or The Lying Game.
  • Plus, any incidental reviews I might do, like the Case Sensitive two-parter I covered earlier this week.

The Writers Bloc

The is a new writing-centric blog I’ll be running alongside fellow Signalite, Stephane Lachance. I’ll be editing and repurposing some writing-related pieces from here, as well as writing new material. I’ve gotten a headstart, but there’s always more…

  • Aiming for a fresh post a week at The Writers Bloc, as long as I have interesting topics that I’m actually qualified to write about. I’ve drafted a couple, and we haven’t set on a launch date yet, so number of posts this summer TBD.
  • I have a big project for the Bloc I want to tackle this summer, time and audience participation willing.

Actual, Y’know, Writing

  • Next year is my big bang fourth-year Practicum assignment, and for it, I’m drafting three to five 11-minute webisodes that link together as a short film. I’m hoping to executive produce it, collaborating with other talented folks to see that it comes out great.
  • On MZP-TV, Slayer Academy finished up last month, and I’m set to write a feature script set between that series’ final episode and the ‘Jossverse wrap-up’ miniseries tying together all of their disparate Joss Whedon originated webseries. I’ve got a rough outline, so my job this summer is to refine that outline, and then write the script and air it.
  • The second sequence of my TEN webseries, Darken House, is set to air in June. It’s written, but I’m halfway through the rewrites, complicated by the frustration of copying them from a PDF and reformatting them ebfore I can even work on rewriting them.
  • In addition to those, I want to deal with two particularly troubling holes in my portfolio. The first: I have a pair of original pilots in Timeless and Black Dog, but both are pretty grim and violent, and neither really plays with an ensemble cast. So this summer, I want to outline and write one of the two more lighthearted pilots I’ve been holding onto for a bit in development: Wolf and Steel and Characters. Whichever one develops faster, I guess, will get written.
  • The second big problem: I have two comedic specs in my portfolio, but comedy isn’t where I’m trying to get a job. I don’t yet have a dramatic spec under my belt, which is a big issue. So, this summer my plan is to write either a Castle or a The Good Wife spec alongside a Justified spec.

There are plenty of other potential projects hanging in the air at the moment, but these are all the ones I definitely want to tackle – and hopefully complete – by the time September rolls around.

And of course, The Diversionist will be here for any personal musings, progress updates, and deadline-free de-stressing! I might also write posts on a few non-writing topics over here, as I’ve been wanting to work on some more analytical pieces without the time or the resources to do so.

Anyhow, that’s my summer. What does your summer look like? Any writing planned?


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