MUSIC: The Beautiful Songs I

Because I’ve been listening to a lot of songs that have been sending shivers down my spine, here’s a few that have haunted me lately…

Gwyneth Paltrow – Turning Tables (Adele cover)
I’d never heard the original of this song when I tuned into Paltrow’s version of the song for Glee… and even comparing it to the original, this one blows me away. I’m addicted to it. Paltrow hasn’t left me super impressed so far in her three appearances, and Glee itself has used the ‘musical effect’ mostly to make me a fan – most times, when I listen to the songs, they’re strengthened by their emotional use by characters I connect to (as is what happens for me with musicals). This song, though, I can legitimately say is one of the few Glee has produced where I would love it independent of the show. Paltrow has never sounded better, or more natural, than she does here.

Sarah McLachlan – Fallen
The writing on Afterglow didn’t grab me early on, but I’ve lately been unable to stop listening to this particular track. There’s a great emotional core to the song, and it sounds great.

Amanda Palmer – Have to Drive
I’ve been taking a break from Amanda Palmer for the last year or so, after burning out on her debut solo album when it was first released. This song really works when you know the meaning, with one homonym particularly obscuring its true meaning, but with the force of the song’s true themes behind it, it stops me in my tracks every time.

So, yes. These three songs are excellent. Listen! To them, I mean. And in general, is good advice.


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