PERSONAL: Just Stopping By

Life has a tendency to get a little crazy, and in recent weeks, that’s happened. Between the pilot I’ve been writing, and my other work for class… The Diversionist has been neglected somewhat. I guess, sometimes, I don’t have time for diversions.


  • I’ve been active at The Signal, or at least as much as I can be during a crunch. My most recent work: my latest How I Met Your Mother review goes into why the show’s been suffering this year, even with a return to their old style; I recently began my Community reviews with a 1900 wd. look at why season 2 has been different from season one; I reviewed new Canadian series Endgame with an outlook that was positive, but cautious; and I took a look at the pilots of a few cancelled shows, like The Beautiful Life: TBL and Lone Star.
  • I wrote a pilot! As well, took it through multiple drafts, and handed it in, alongside a series bible.
  • I wrote a first draft of an Archer spec script! In four hours. It’s awful, but it’s done, and it’s in editing right now.

Now, I’m not done for the time being. What comes next?

  • I’m prepping to write an additional pilot, likely what I’ll be working on for ScriptFrenzy as well as for one of my classes. The draft was additionally due April 1, and now it will be due ~10 days after my prof gets us notes on our outlines back.
  • I’m gearing up for final essays and exams, of course, all of which are due within the next 2 weeks.
  • I’m preparing for a writing-intensive summer. Stéphane Lachance and I are kickstarting a writers-on-writing blog called The Writers’ Bloc, which will include more focused versions of some of my writing posts here. I’ve got my eye on a big Bloc project, assuming I can get it up and running alright. I’m also hoping to get the Wounded Tilapia Productions blog up soon, showcasing my portfolio pieces and prepping for any projects I’ll be pursuing soon.
  • This summer, I’m aiming to get an additional draft out of many of my current scripts, and I’ve got some more projects I want to push on forward through: a new pilot that’s haunted me for the past month or so, a screenplay I’ve been pondering, a third sequence of my popular script-only webseries Darken House. There’s plenty of backburner projects that should also see some attention, like Villainous, the animated comedy I’ve written three scripts for, and a number of ideas I’m proposing to a close friend as graphic novels. I’ve also got a The Signal branded book project early in the works, though it’s not necessarily going to move forward.
  • For The Diversionist, I’ve got a half-written post about deadlines on my iPod, and I’m not 100% sure of whether I’ll finish and post it or not. Decisions, decisions.

So… plenty going on.

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