Diversions in Literature II: Unexpected Progress

In my last Diversions in Literature back in October 2010, I declared that my interests had shifted away from books in recent years, and toward television. That’s still true, but in the past couple months, one of my favourite things to do has been to curl up with a good book. So, what have I been reading?

One of the key books of my recent relaxation kick has been an entry from my last Diversions in Literature. Who’s Your City, by Richard Florida, was my main book to take a bath with in the past couple months, which is where my post on Who’s Your City and Creative Energy derived from. Back in October, I was only 66 pages into it; a couple weeks ago, I finished it. That’s a good 250 pages of reading, which for me, is pretty good nowadays, even over five months. The book was fascinating, and every chapter had some information worth the effort to read. I expect I’ll occasionally refer back to it, especially once I graduate and have to decide whether to stay in Toronto forever…

Who’s Your City hasn’t been my only literary diversion, though. While wandering the massive Indigo at Yorkdale Mall one morning, I picked up the fascinating Microtrends by Mark Penn, which speaks to a lot of the changing social mores and freedoms of recent society. I was tearing right through it, until a bag of luggage was left behind on a trek home from Barrie the following week. Hopefully a friend will be able to get that to me soon, as I’d like to read the rest of it. It’s a really enjoyable

Though I had one Oliver Sacks book on my previous reading list, Island of the Colorblind, I’ve in fact begun to read another. The Mind’s Eye is very much in line with my favourite book Sacks has produced, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat, again delving into the mystery and wonder of neurological case studies. While Eye isn’t as profound so far as the previous, it’s still a very interesting read. I’m roughly a third through the book, and hoping to complete it soon.

Aside from a few pages down from my book of essays on The Wire and rereading a script or two from Buffy the Vampire Slayer season one, that’s all so far. Although, I have an English class, so I expect to read more soon…


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