PERSONAL: Reading Week, or The Art of Scheduling

My reading week, wherein classes are off and work is reduced to a pair of short shifts, has begun! Unfortunately for my lazier side, this actually means a more productive week than usual…

My official duties for this week number ten, including the writing of a series bible and editing of a second, the outlining and writing of a pilot, editing three short films, outlining an essay and doing some video editing work for my internship. My unofficial, yet still important, include rewrites on a few webisode scripts set to be released next month and continued work for The Diversionist and The Signal. My very unofficial duties will involve sleeping, lazing about, and watching The Big Bang Theory.

How will my week of writing go? I expect to lock myself in my apartment with copious amounts of unwatched TV, coffee, and whatever snack foods, alcohol and amusements I can afford. Starting with tomorrow, I will give myself a set number of tasks to complete, along with a number of things I should work on, and I expect to make speedy progress. Occasionally, I may purchase an energy drink and work through the night, as I tend to move faster under those conditions.

I also, for once, may be more open to entertaining visitors. With my time spent at the apartment day and night, its condition will be far above where it was when I was at home only long enough to make a mess and leave it. Plus, what is better inspiration to a writer than the amazing, brilliant, stupid, fascinating and mundane things said by other people? And, of course, I will have plenty of time to divert myself with this blog, which is the very purpose for which it is named. So, expect more meandering thoughts about whatever it is I’m musing over during this break away from real life distractions.

Until then, friends, until then…


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