WRITING: The Necessary Evil

I’m currently engaged in writing a pilot for a comedic webseries, and its utter agony. Why?

I’ve been developing this project for, I think, three years now. I began work on it the summer before I started at university, and I’ve been excited about the possibilities since. A cast of characters I adore fill a universe I enjoy playing in, and I’ve got a second episode that I’m pretty proud of. It’s not the funniest thing ever written, but its a good sample of what I want the show to look like, and it’s set the template for the series.

However, the pilot itself is a frustrating beast. The premise near demands a premise pilot (a pilot putting the pieces into place for the show, rather than already set up going in), and after three floor-up rewrites, I’m simply tired of attempting it. I’ve now got an outline that fits the template of the show as I see it, which automatically makes it a fair shake better than its ancestors, but I can’t say I’m terribly enjoying the process of writing it, even as I chuckle over the outline.

Sometimes a piece of work is a necessary evil, that must be drafted before it can be overcome. Some pieces are perfect for your headspace at the time, but others aren’t; you’ve fallen out of love with a plot or a character, and yet the show must go on. Before I can write those episodes that send a spark through my blood, I’ll need a pilot, and perhaps I can go back and rewrite it at a later date. But for now, I must persevere, and hope that it will come alive as I work through it.

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