Potential Projects I: A Pondering

Everyone has a stack of ‘someday’ projects, right? The fact is, life moves way too fast for us to pursue everything we ever want to, and we’re often forced to set some ideas aside until we have the time to actually tackle them. I’ve got one eye focused on school and the other on my eventual career in television, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have interest in projects that don’t include TV. Here are a few of the ones I’ve had to leave on the backburner…

Digital Ghosts; a Collection of Short Stories
I’m fascinated by how society is shaped nowadays by phenomena that come and go within a few years, if not months, in the digital age. Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Google Maps, Foursquare, WordPress, all of them are a product of a very specific slice of time. Does anybody remember MySpace? What I’d really like to do is collect, and write, an anthology of short stories that include these ephemeral parts of our lives that are nonetheless deeply important to how we live right now. Much like how Steven Moffat used technology in the opening episode of the modern Sherlock. I’ve got notes for one or two stories, but I’ll never have the time to write them.

Different Voices, Same Stories (A Covers Album)
I wrote an article for a magazine on the idea of ‘queered’ covers; essentially, with so few songs that explicitly touch on gay love, the main source of these ends up being popular ‘straight’ songs covered by the opposite sex. For example, “Come Here Boy” by Imogen Heap covered by Gregory Douglass becomes ‘queered’. I’d love to get a number of big names to collaborate on a project involving an album of queered covers of popular songs, reoriented for same-sex love stories.

No More ‘Will They Won’t They’; TV’s Golden Rule in the Early 2000’s (Essay)
I want to write a short essay/article on this topic for the blog sometime soon, tying together examples of how shows have begun breaking the ‘will they won’t they’ rule – shows like Community, Gossip Girl, The Office, Scrubs, etc. and the various ways they’ve been turning against TV’s former golden rule. I’ve got plenty of mental notes and examples, so it’s a matter of finding the time to organise my thoughts.

Magick (Musical Album)
I don’t have much of a talent for music, but I do love writing lyrics, and the whisperings of this potential fantasy musical have been swirling around in my head for probably two years. I’d love to take a crack at it, much like Forgive Durden did with their ‘musical-as-an-album’. I’ve got concepts for the first 6-episode album (for a pilot, originally conceived for TV), and a rough draft of lyrics for the opening song. Someday I’ll take a shot at the rest.

Untitled Album (Album)
Much like my desire to write a musical, I also have always wanted to write original lyrics, despite my lack of knowledge about music. I have one song I’m pretty proud of, and a draft of another I’m not at all fond of, and I’m probably going to continue stitching together lyrics in my spare time. Sadly, I’d never be able to perform anything without extensive vocal training, if even then, but I might be able to have others perform if this ever became a possibility.

The Toy Soldier (Children’s Book)
This idea was based off a spark of an idea for a fairytale, and follows several of the conventions of the ones I and many others grew up with. It’s a cute story that carries a semi-subversive message, and would be fun to tackle. I know a few talented artists, so should I finish a draft I expect I could pursue it. Perhaps someday.

Untold Stories (Nonfiction Book)
A nonfiction book about the many stories that, either due to network interference, production issues, or even cancellation, different television shows never got to pursue. I’d want to include interviews, research, and any partial scripts or outlines I could get my hands on. Some summer after Ryerson, I’d like to start gathering proper notes for a someday draft.

I’m sure I’ve thought of others, but these are my most prominent ‘someday’ ones. I hope I’ll get to pursue some of these by the time I’m old and grey, as they each excite me for different reasons.


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