MUSIC MEME: Cover Shuffle Fun I

I’ve long been a fan of little games played with the ‘shuffle’ feature of my iPod, such as creating an episode list of a potential TV show by using whatever song titles show up. One I play every so often is a cover shuffle game. Here’s how it goes…

  1. Set iPod to shuffle.
  2. Take the artist of the first song that comes up.
  3. Take the next song that comes up.
  4. Have fun imagining what that cover would sound like.
  5. Repeat!

Today I stumbled on my old notepad file with 6 I’ve done over the past couple of years in it and I thought I’d share. This will give you a little sense of my musical tastes and maybe give you some intriguing imaginary music to listen to.

Here the first one, probably 2-3 years old…

1. Shannon Wright – Measuring Cups (Andrew Bird cover)
2. Measured in Angles – Across the Universe (The Beatles cover)
3. Michelle Featherstone – Ever Fallen in Love (Buzzcocks cover)
4. Imogen Heap – Rejazz (Regina Spektor cover)
5. Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen – Scythian Empires (Andrew Bird cover)
6. The All-American Rejects – Happy Ending (Mika cover)
7. Regina Spektor – Sanctuary (Hikaru Utada cover)
8. The 88 – Life is a Song (Patrick Park cover)
9. The Shins – The Boy With the Thorn in His Side (The Smiths cover)
10. Rilo Kiley – Between the Bars (Elliott Smith cover)
11. The Fray – Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (KT Tunstall cover)
12. Sia – Intervention (Arcade Fire cover)
13. Rufus Wainwright – Going Through the Motions (Aimee Mann cover)
14. Tori Amos – Amelia’s Missing (Jon Mclaughlin cover)
15. Tegan and Sara – I Don’t Believe in the Sun (The Magnetic Fields cover)
16. Nellie McKay – La La La (The Bird and the Bee cover)
17. Andrew Bird – Narcissist’s Waltz (Die Romantik cover)
18. My Latest Novel – Dreamaniacs (Bettie Serveert cover)
19. Patrick Park – Cry (Angie Aparo cover)
20. Amy Studt – I Could Never Belong to You (Sarah Blasko cover)

Which ones of these would you put on your iPod? Which ones sound like utter trainwrecks? If you make one, either pop it into the comments or leave a link! I’ll probably share the other 5 in due course, as its usually fun to ponder…


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