The Diversionist

What is The Diversionist, besides a word nobody’s ever heard of before? And who’s the guy behind it?

I’ll answer the second question first, . I’m R. Lackie, editor of The Signal. I’m a third-year university student at Ryerson University in Toronto, working towards building a writing career in Canadian television, particularly one-hour drama. I’ve got a passion for the medium, as well as music, writing, and my beloved city, and I have more thoughts than I can fit in my head. I enjoy the communal nature of the ‘net, and its been ages since I had a simple blog where I could post whatever I felt like.

Why The Diversionist? Because I have this horrible habit of wanting to do a thousand things at once, only a few of which are actually useful to building said life. I love writing and planning specs, attending class and blogging for The Signal, but I also love rambling on about music, ruminating about the nature of creativity, and sharing my overabundance of opinions. This blog will hopefully allow me to use my addiction to diversion for a purpose, even if oftentimes that purpose is merely for fun.

(And because I’m a writer, I’ll state this upfront: I reserve all rights to anything I create on this blog, and I also reserve the right to change my opinion someday in the future. These posts may occasionally be ill-thought-out, in the heat of the moment, or otherwise something I regret later. Please respect that.)

So. Diversions! Of course, I’ll also use this blog to share some of my non-Signal writing pieces with the world as a sort of in-progress portfolio, so if you’re interested in that, stick around.

See you round.


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